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The Michigan Mold Removal Pros have been providing mold remediation services in the state of Michigan for over 15 years. Every time we meet a new prospective client we get asked a lot of questions and there certainly is a lot of myths out there about mold. One of the biggest myths we have to deal with is clients who tried using bleach to kill the mold present in their homes thinking that bleach is safe to use and will kill off a mold colony. Bleach had in the past been a widely accepted method of removing or killing mold, but in fact even OSHA recommends not to use bleach in mold remediation. Bleach is 99% water and will soak into your permeable building materials. Mold lives and thrives off moisture and this bleach moisture will remain trapped inside the pores of your building materials.

In fact most of my customers who have tried this method of self mold removal have noticed that the spots where they treated the affected area with bleach developed darker spots with in mere days of trying the bleach method, meaning that not only did it not work but it actually fed the mold they were trying to remove. Chlorine bleach also loses its cleaning ability with in 90 days of sitting on the shelf, in the first 90 days of being packaged bleach looses 50% of its strength. In short the bleach method will not work if you have mold contamination present.

The most effective way of removing a high level of mold contamination from your home is to remove the contaminated building materials. This includes any porous materials such as drywall, baseboards, drop ceilings, carpets and carpet padding and sadly sometimes even furniture. If the level of contamination is low or even moderate less invasive means can be used such as ozone treatments and environmentally friendly anti fungicides. In our vast years of experience we know first hand that some chemical agents being used by mold re-mediators are not pet friendly and could pose long terms risks to peoples health if not used correctly.

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If your home has been, or you suspect it has been contaminated by mold do consult a professional for a mold contamination evaluation. Make sure whichever professional you choose has a good rating with the BBB or at least has no bad marks against them and make sure to hire a professional with more than 5 years experience either running a mold remediation company or 5 years of extensive experience in removing mold and environmental contamination. Many fly by night operators may not have been in business long and will have little to no standing with the BBB. You also want to make sure that they are IICRC certified like our company, the IICRC sets the standard in the industry for the safe removal of mold.

If you call a professional mold remediation like the Michigan Mold Removal Pros, the process starts with a visual inspection, making ample use of a moisture meter to identify any excess water or moisture present on the property, such as water trapped behind or inside of a wall or your ceiling, the place where mold likes to hide. Depending on the findings, we might recommend an IAQ (or indoor air quality test) be performed to get a better idea of the level of contamination if any, present on the property. The lab report from air samplings and the tape lifting if used will determine the spread of contaminants and give our teams a better idea of the scope of the work that lays ahead.

Once we have all of our findings then it will be presented to the home owner. Many times we find nothing, meaning that there is no mold present which is good news for the home owner. There are plenty of bad players in the mold remediation business who will claim you have mold present when you may not, or they may find mold but claim its of epic proportions when only simple mold remediation is needed.

Should you opt to go with another company do make sure that they are IICRC certified and are properly licensed in the state and have no outstanding complaints or negative feedback from the BBB. You might also wish to check out the reviews on AngiesList.com for any negative feedback or mold remediation horror stories from past customers. When choosing a mold remediation expert you need someone with years of experience behind them and who is ahead on today’s new technologies. If you have any questions please feel free to call us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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